Interactive E-learning

Here are images from several interactive courses developed for a variety of topics and industries. They were all created with the highest quality and engagement, while meeting client budgets and schedules.

modules on how to

The first in a series of modules on how to use Space Planning Plus. Modules are required pre-work before attending the instructor-led training.

A course on Critical Thinking involved several scenarios as the skill is not something easily teachable via a self-paced online course. The goal was not to turn the learner into a master critical thinker but to recognize when it is and isn’t being used by oneself and others and pause to consider one’s actions.

Critical Thinking
Interactive course to prepare

Sample screen from an interactive course to prepare employees for a significant change in benefits. This screen is where they selected their coverage level to be presented with relevant exercises.

Sample exercise from same benefits course referenced previously. The goal is for the employee to practice calculating services and costs to help select the insurance that is right for them and their family.

Sample exercise from same benefits
virtual outboarding

Screenshot from client’s LMS showing the virtual onboarding experience. The goal is to provide immediate information to new hires across the nation (rather than waiting for a face-to-face orientation in another state), but also make new employees feel welcomed and supported as they begin their career at this company. Learners move through content, viewing videos and responding to freeform questions (captured via SCORM report).

Sample from virtual onboarding course referenced previously. On this screen, the learner selects the path through their benefits.

virtual onboarding course referenced
Sample screen from an interactive course

Sample screen from an interactive course required prior to rollout of a new company-wide timekeeping software. This screen begins the simulation.

Sample simulation screen from previously mentioned timekeeping course. The goal was to experience real-life use of the tool as if the work week was complete.

The goal was to experience real-life
Compliance course to ensure California

Compliance course to ensure proper wage rates are applied on construction projects in California. Learners interact with the steps on the left and access Resources along the way.

Learning activities were used to wrap up chapters in this multi-module course. A variety of games were incorporated for engagement (e.g., Jeopardy-type, word finds, password reveals).

Learning activities
participants explain how brands

This course helped participants explain how brands are mapped along consumer segments and needs states.

“Getting Started” course for construction company on how to perform the most common functionality in CMiC.

common functionality in CMiC
Entire course is a simulation of working through the tool.

Sample of opening screen for interactive course on Kronos. Entire course is a simulation of working through the tool.

Mandatory training on application requirements of an herbicide. Incorporated interactive elements, animated objects, and periodic knowledge checks.

Mandatory training on application

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