Complete Training Packages

Training packages typically start with a short, engaging video explaining a process or a concept supported by an eye-catching infographic/job aid. In many cases, we’ll also develop an interactive activity to practice what was learned. Then transfer the learning to the real-world with on-the-job assignments or worksheets.


SAMPLE: Process Video with Infographic and On-The-Job Assignment

In this example, a series of videos presented the submittal review process at a construction company. Learning was reinforced with an infographic and workflow diagram, and then learners were encouraged to practice what they learned with an on-the-job assignment.

SAMPLE: Awareness Video with On-The-Job Worksheets

Support a short awareness video with worksheets to use on the job. In this example, a delegation video presented common barriers to delegation as well as a 5-step process to encourage delegation. The video and worksheets help managers identify what to delegate and formulate a plan to ensure the delegation is successful.

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Design and Development

Here is where your need and our expertise come together. We’ll design and develop learning solutions that create the change you’re looking for. That may involve explaining and inspiring, allowing time for reflection and practice, or supporting application back on the job, in the moment… or a combination of all of these. We’ll make sure the learning solution is designed and developed to achieve your desired outcomes.

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