Training Videos

Video continues to be a preferred way to consume content by learners and customers everywhere. Our videos have been used to teach a new skill or process, communicate a company initiative or culture change, and create awareness or a mindset shift… all in a fun and engaging way.

Design and Development

How it works

If you involve us in writing and designing your content, you will have a complete dialogue script and storyboard that will achieve your main learning/message goals. Then our production team and video editors will bring everything to life.


Improve performance and inspire action with engaging, to-the-point on-camera and animated training videos.

Change a Mindset

This video is pre-work for an instructor-led Delegation course. It introduces key concepts so learners can dive into the interactive classroom experience. It also cuts down on the amount of time the learner has to be away from the job. ​

Share Product Information

This is one video within a series for new dealers who distribute WaterCop products. It created an engaging, consistent, repeatable message to replace a webinar that required delivery by staff several times a month.

Teach a New Tool

This video is part of a series of videos in the client’s Knowledge Base where customers can search for and quickly learn how to use key functionality of the tool.

Demo an App

This video gives customers a quick overview of an App for convenient use of Intercard’s cashless technology.

Onboard from Anywhere

This is a video within a virtual onboarding experience. It helps new hires from different regions of the country feel welcomed with an engaging learning experience as they begin their careers.

Introduce a Process

A series of training videos developed for AB InBev to introduce new employees to the operation and maintenance of the BCMS (Bottle/Can Manufacturing System) line.


AB InBev – Jacksonville Brewery

AB InBev’s Jacksonville Brewery commissioned Media-Vox to create this internal marketing/rally video for the brewery’s outstanding safety and quality achievements.

AB Inbev Shelf IQ

This marketing/explainer video was created to introduce their internal planogram app to distributors. The video announced the roll out of the software in 2020. Both the video and campaign were updated again in 2022.

intercar – MENALAC Partnership Promotional

Promotional video played at the Middle East and North Africa Leisure & Attractions Council international conference promoting their partnership with Intercard Inc.

EXPLAINER VIDEOS – Marketing/Public Relations

MTC Marketing and Promotion

This series of animated infographics was created for Missouri’s Department of Economic Development and to promote resources and early stage capital investment to tech start ups throughout the state.

Intercard – Marketing and Sales Training

Intercard was looking for some quick promotional videos to market their services. Together we identified the key differences from their competition that helped them close sales and crafted videos that emphasized those messages. The process also helped identify customer service and product training as key selling points and Media-Vox then revamped and updated their training videos to enhance customer service and as a value add for sales.

Brookside Agra – H2OExcel

This cross-platform marketing campaign was developed for Brookside Agra to market and promote their all-natural fertilizing agent, H2OExcel. A modular animated infographic concept was designed, creating video content that could be edited and re-purposed for internet marketing, sales presentations, and trade shows.


Transit Workers Union Care Campaign

Transit Workers Union 2019 Care Campaign promoting public awareness to their issues during salary and benefit negations.

A Tradition In Crisis

Fairmount Park Racetrack public awareness campaign designed to promote funding issues to the track. The target audience was both the general public and state legislators. The campaign contributed to the success of legislation passed allowing Fairmount Park to compete more directly with tracks in neighboring states and expand purses to attract more competition.