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Connecting companies and their employees through creative, meaningful and inspiring learning experiences.

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We’re Storytellers

Nothing makes a lasting impression like a good story. And in order to tell your story we have to be good listeners. Working with a team of intelligent, creative, learner-centric individuals we walk you through the process from start to finish. We use both words and images to zero in on your core message; tailoring it specifically for your intended audience. We do not have a cookie-cutter approach, but we have identified tried-and-true methods that direct our efforts to come up with amazingly effective multimedia.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect companies and their employees through meaningful, respectful learning experiences. We appreciate balance: family and work; passion and practicality; creativity and brevity. We are established on years of inspirational pursuits and demonstrated accomplishments. ​ At our core, we value kindness, collaborative communication, and the highest level of integrity which our clients have come to trust.

“Vox” is latin for “voice”

Whether you are educating customers and employees or communicating your company’s message, your content and audience are unique. That’s the ‘voice’ of your business. The idea behind our name, Media-Vox, is that we use effective, engaging media to communicate that voice to your audience.

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Beth Haselhorst

President & Project Director

Beth Haselhorst brings over 18 years of experience managing, designing and delivering e-Learning and instructor-led solutions to a variety of industries, organizational levels and audience personalities. From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, Beth approaches each project with the same level of detail and appreciation for what the company is trying to accomplish. Prior to Media-Vox, Beth held positions as Training Manager, User Services Supervisor, Instructional Designer, Instructor, and e-Learning Designer. She has coordinated, managed, and designed instruction for 10,000+ company personnel and for hundreds of courses ranging from Building Information Modeling to Effective Sales Leadership. Over the years, Beth has mastered the art of the subject-matter-expert interview – quickly and effectively gathering content to create real-life experiences that translate well into the real-life workplace.

John Reichert

Vice President & Creative Director

John brings over 20 years of hands-on experience as a writer, producer, director, and editor for video and film production. Working with small businesses, agencies, and Fortune 500 companies, and in every corner of visual media, has informed his expertise in the new landscape of digital and cross-platform marketing. His experience working in all aspects of the creative process, from initial creative brainstorming to editing the final cut, brings a unique perspective to every project; and ensures that the integrity of your message is maintained throughout the entire creative process.

Media-Vox Design and Development Teams
Media-Vox Design and Development Teams

Our teams of instructional designers, video editors, and e-learning developers bring a unique combination of professional skills and experience to every project. Dedicated team members are assigned to each project to create a cohesive experience for both the team and the client. We look forward to collaborating with our clients to create outstanding learning solutions.