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From strategy to final deliverable, we make sure the learner’s experience, as well as your experience working with us, is a positive, meaningful one.

A typical package for our clients includes all of these services, or we can fit in where you need us.
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Strategy and Project Planning

After 20 years of experience, we know how to set projects up for success. It starts with the right content strategy and a structured project plan.

With this service, you’ll get a documented design strategy, a plan for content development, a deadline and a timeline for tracking, and a budget for development.

Without this process, we’ve seen training projects that could have been completed in four months take over a year to design and develop, sometimes even longer.

We typically take you through this process in three short meetings over a 7-10 day period.

You’ll gain confidence in the value of the training offering and be able to deliver results on time and on budget.

Instructional Design

Sharing useful information with your learners is important, but if you want them to take action on that information, your training must be engaging.

Our expert instructional design process ensures your learning content informs AND has enough personality and excitement to inspire and motivate your learners to apply what they’ve learned.

Through an understanding of adult learners and interviews with your subject matter experts, we’ll gather all the information needed to ensure you will achieve your learning outcomes and more importantly, the business results.

Then we’ll begin creating engaging content by:

  • Capturing stories and examples relevant to the learners
  • Writing conversational scripts that imitate real-world situations
  • Storyboarding the content for maximum visual appeal
  • Writing relevant interactive experiences for reflection and critical thinking.


With our instructional design process, you’ll feel confident knowing the content going into production will achieve desired performance and behavior results.

Video Production

Creating crisp, high-quality videos that fit your company’s branding and culture doesn’t have to be hard. When you partner with us, we make it our mission to make every video feel like it was created in-house.

With a conversational script and detailed storyboard that achieves your desired outcomes, our production team and video editors bring it all to life.

We can provide videos in many styles:

  • Animated characters and info graphics
  • On-Camera spokesperson or company executive
  • Employee interviews
  • Jobsite footage
  • On-Screen Text with Stock Photograph

Our eye for design ensures the pieces fit together so the viewer has a positive, impactful experience, and doesn’t find themselves lost in a plethora of random moving parts.

Our video production and review process makes it easy to share feedback and track revisions. It’s a seamless production experience that gets the video in front of your audiences quickly and efficiently.

Interactive E-learning Development

When we want the learner to apply critical thinking, practice a task, or reflect on what they’ve learned, we recommend an interactive e-learning experience.

“Interactive” doesn’t mean clicking a Next button to continue. It means the learner is interacting with the content in a way that supports application on the job. This may include scenarios, software simulations, and/or knowledge checks. For example:

  • Do they need to learn how to conduct craft interviews legally? Put them into scenarios they’ll actually encounter during an interview.
  • Do they need to learn how to effectively communicate with the foreman or the customer on the job site? Walk them through a day on the job, letting them make decisions and experience the consequences in a safe way.

When it makes sense for the desired learning outcomes, we’ll recommend interactivity and discuss how to allow the learner to experience the content in a meaningful way.

On-The-Job Support Materials

Where does any company learning get applied? On the job.

We create support materials after an online learning event that encourages application on the job.

Infographics, checklists, process maps, templates, on-the-job assignments… these aids create confidence and transfer the learning to where it matters most.

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Design and

Here is where your need and our expertise come together. We’ll design and develop learning solutions that create the change you’re looking for. That may involve explaining and inspiring, allowing time for reflection and practice, or supporting application back on the job, in the moment… or a combination of all of these. We’ll make sure the learning solution is designed and developed to achieve your desired outcomes.


Educate your entire team with confidence, knowing you’re sharing quality learning materials that build skill sets and inspire the whole team. Contact us today if you’re ready to make an impact and demonstrate your indispensable value to your organization. We’re prepared to break ground on blended and tailored learning solutions for your team.