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We revamped an outdated self-paced training program to enable new Project Engineers to bring value to the company more quickly, encourage consistency among branches on key processes, and make PEs feel supported in their role with the company and the branch.

We only used 7 hours of Subject Matter Expert time in meetings for the entire project (ALL topics). Client change requests averaged less than 3 minor edits per topic.

There were no video edits requested (in a total of 58 short :30 second animated videos)

Courses used stories and scenarios throughout to allow PEs to practice making decisions on the job.


  1. Safety at PCI
  2. Communicate in the Field and with the Customer
  3. Submittals and Preconstruction
  4. Quality Assurance at PCI
  5. Change Orders
  6. Purchase Orders and Accounts Payable/Receivable
  7. Project Administration
  8. Job Closeout

“From the first call with Beth, we knew we had found a partner who knew the construction industry and had deep L&D skills in curriculum design and asynchronous delivery. Beth has helped us create a foundational education path for our new Project Engineers, helping tie their college or field experience into our business practices to speed their integration into our branch operations.”

– Barney Hill
Manager, Operations Development

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Virtual Onboarding

The time between hire date and new employee orientation for employees across the country was too long. In addition, leaders were asked to give repetitive presentations that rarely resulted in questions or discussion. We took in-person presentations and converted them into short attention-getting (and keeping) videos and interactive experiences that made employees feel welcomed from day 1.

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Marine Safety

The Marine Safety program provides all individuals who will be working on a marine project with consistent and thorough awareness of safety standards in different marine roles, going beyond the basic safety training. Six topics were covered using voice-over, video, animation, and interactive questions to engage and inspire safety as a mindset and behavior. The content is provided in English and Spanish.

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Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)

The HOP philosophy supports a thought process that aims to create more reliable outcomes yet recognizes that expecting perfection from workers, processes, or procedures is not realistic. Since this is a philosophy that connects to people’s deep seated beliefs, values and assumptions about the world which impacts outward behavior, we used numerous jobsite situations as well as everyday situations (from our own personal lives and experiences) to really help people connect with the content. It’s true that once you learn this philosophy, it’s kind of hard to imagine life without it.

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Mitigating Legal Risks

Self-paced online training was created on legal topics that pose the highest frequency of legal risk as identified by an internal legal team. The training was presented in the format of pitfalls and best practices, including stories and opportunities to make decisions to mitigate legal risks on the job.



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Jobsite Skills Development

This program was built from the ground up.

Throughout training development, we helped implement process improvements and defined standards for the use of tools and templates. Learners were engaged with video and scenario-based interactivity, followed by detailed, purposeful on-the-job training assignments for transfer of knowledge to the jobsite.

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