Live and animated short videos and interactive experiences welcomed each new employee


Recordings of in-person presentations provided our instructional designers with an understanding of the content, which we then organized and modified to support updated learning objectives and business goals.

To open the series, we recorded a video of the President with a thoughtful message welcoming new hires.

The Benefits module provided a different journey for each employee type and the ability to explore the benefits through a menu of topics.

The course included an interactive benefits experience with a different journey for each employee type and the ability to navigate to benefits of interest.

A New Hire Reference Guide was created to provide key information from the training and to allow the employee to capture notes and questions for follow-up.

Many of the courses included open-ended questions which were captured and viewable via an LMS report.


1. Welcome to SAK
2. History and Values
3. Core Businesses
4. Locations and Organizational Structure
5. Safety Overview
6. IT Overview
7. HR Benefits
8. Contracts, Accounting and Purchasing

“Great program. Much better than sitting in a room all day at the office watching outdated videos.”

 “I really liked the overall ease of use of this onboarding course and the great information it provided. Well planned and laid out.”

“This experience was amazing. I learned so much from it.”

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Mobile Friendly


Fully Online

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Human and Organizational Performance (HOP)

The HOP philosophy supports a thought process that aims to create more reliable outcomes yet recognizes that expecting perfection from workers, processes, or procedures is not realistic. Since this is a philosophy that connects to people’s deep seated beliefs, values and assumptions about the world which impacts outward behavior, we used numerous jobsite situations as well as everyday situations (from our own personal lives and experiences) to really help people connect with the content. It’s true that once you learn this philosophy, it’s kind of hard to imagine life without it.

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Marine Safety

The Marine Safety program provides all individuals who will be working on a marine project with consistent and thorough awareness of safety standards in different marine roles, going beyond the basic safety training. Six topics were covered using voice-over, video, animation, and interactive questions to engage and inspire safety as a mindset and behavior. The content is provided in English and Spanish.

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Project Management Fundamentals

The client wanted to convert a PDF Toolkit into a more engaging and interactive learning experience. Using animated videos, real-world scenarios and situations, and opportunities to practice making decisions, learners could connect their school learning to PCI business practices.

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Mitigating Legal Risks

Self-paced online training was created on legal topics that pose the highest frequency of legal risk as identified by an internal legal team. The training was presented in the format of pitfalls and best practices, including stories and opportunities to make decisions to mitigate legal risks on the job.



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Jobsite Skills Development

This program was built from the ground up.

Throughout training development, we helped implement process improvements and defined standards for the use of tools and templates. Learners were engaged with video and scenario-based interactivity, followed by detailed, purposeful on-the-job training assignments for transfer of knowledge to the jobsite.

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